Obama Roasts Trump at White House Correspondents Dinner

Obama Much To Blame for President Trump

Liberals loved to love Barack Obama and are less than satisfied, shall we say, with Donald Trump, both as a person and a president. Their love of hating Trump, in fact, may just exceed their love of Obama...though it's a toss up. Coincidentally, the same characteristics that were adored about Obama are those which liberals complain the loudest about concerning Trump. Chief among these are class, kindness and wisdom. Liberals believe Obama possessed these in abundance and that Trump is almost sub-human in his lack of all three, but particularly class.

Trump being Trump

Sisters Ruin Dad's Reputation By Smearing Trump

This would be funny were it not a tad sad. By now anyone not living in the hollow moon knows Trump is sketchy and the bone spurs that kept him from Vietnam were almost certainly B.S.....with a capital S. But two women from New York hate Trump so much they seemingly didn't notice that they are impugning their father's integrity and character, on a public and national stage no less, just so they can try to smear the President. 

NORAD Santa Tracker 2018

NORAD Tracking Santa Despite Government Shutdown


As we all know, or should if we bother doing any research, the impact of government "shutdowns" is greatly over-hyped for political reasons. Both parties try to say that the govt must shut down because of the uncompromising blue meanies on the other side of the aisle. In reality, all of the core functions of the federal government continue during these shut downs and it's only non-essential functions that fall to the wayside. Picture government studies of shrimp running on underwater treadmills. Unfortunately we may have to wonder on those results unfulfilled for now.

Earthrise as seen from space

CNN Uses Climate Scare Tactics To Push Political Agenda

The mainstream media is at it again. This time CNN is engaging in wildly one-sided and exaggerated fear mongering to push their interpretation of the incomplete data that is available concerning climate change and, more importantly, their view of the proper solution. The solution always involves painful reductions of fossil fuel consumption and granting oversight power to global organizations thereby eroding our national sovereignty bit by bit...like the proverbial frog in the boiling pot. Only a frog really won't stay in a gradually warming pot, but I digress.

Lobster man turns down his wit down to level nine as to not leave the interview smoldering in her chair

Jordan Peterson Destroys Idea Of Patriarchy

A quick note to any feminists, or a member of any myriad of other self-important, yet ultimately ineffectual and hypocritical, leftist thought groups. Jordan Peterson is whip smart and more than glad to demonstrate such when challenged by a condescending leftist. Take a minute to read Alex Parker's take on Peterson's disaster of an interview with GQ over at Red State. And when I say disaster I mean, of course, for GQ. Peterson handled himself well and came out looking fine.

Border Wall GoFundMe Account

Americans Fork Over $12 Million for Wall While Govt Bickers

Private citizens have donated $12 million in just 4 days to the GoFundMe account setup for border wall funding. Maybe the people will bypass our ineffectual government altogether and handle funding it in the private sector. Five billion is a large number and may not be met, but the willingness of people to put their money where their beliefs are speaks volumes to the sincerity of the border security effort and lays bare the lies of the media in their portrayal of the wall as something universally unwanted.

The Virtue of Nationalism - Yoram Hazony

Trigger Warning: The Inherent Virtue of Nationalism

We often hear the term nationalist used as a pejorative and nationalism itself is normally painted as a negative, or outright dangerous, philosophy by the mainstream media. But why? Is the hype to be believed? Frankly... it's Grade A B.S.... plain and simple. Nationalism is a wise way to segment power globally as it encourages competition between competing governmental systems and provides comparative results on which are the most effective. In addition, the individual is always served best when governmental power is concentrated as locally to them as possible.

Trump vs Beto 2020?

Trump Calls Beto Loser for Presidential Run

In true Trump style, the current president is mocking Beto's future presidential aspirations given the fact that Beto couldn't beat Ted Cruz in the recent Texas Senate race. While I, as a Cruz supporter, took great joy in that particular victory, I'd be lying if I said it didn't make me nervous. The result was much too close for comfort given the radically left stances that Beto held to, almost dogmatically, and how it stands at odds with the moderately conservative worldview among Independents in the Lone Star State.

Trump discussing House funding for border wall

Breaking: House Passes $5.7 Billion for Wall

The major first step for funding Trump's border wall was completed yesterday as the House passed a bill providing the funding levels that the president requested. The ball will now be in the Senate's court, so to speak, and Schumer has been adamant about not providing the amount that Trump is requesting. If we're being realistic, this is a largely symbolic victory as the Democrats are almost certain to stymie Trump on border wall funding every step of the way.