Earthrise as seen from space

The mainstream media is at it again. This time CNN is engaging in wildly one-sided and exaggerated fear mongering to push their interpretation of the incomplete data that is available concerning climate change and, more importantly, their view of the proper solution. The solution always involves painful reductions of fossil fuel consumption and granting oversight power to global organizations thereby eroding our national sovereignty bit by the proverbial frog in the boiling pot. Only a frog really won't stay in a gradually warming pot, but I digress.

The science never seems clear on how much of the current climate change is anthropogenic nor, by extension, how much of an impact any of our countermeasures would even have. More alarmingly, nobody examines any potential benefits of warming nor the societal impacts inherent in reducing fossil fuel use, both at home and in the third world. Extremely cold climates are more dangerous than extremely warm ones and, more importantly, result in more loss of human life but such balance is never provided. What's more, there is no other energy source that is as affordable and effective as fossil fuels. Reducing their use would not only be catastrophic to modern economies it would also lead to humanitarian crisis in developing countries that depend on cheap energy to industrialize and pull themselves out of poverty. 

So little time is given to these counter-arguments that we honestly don't know which impact is worse, that of ongoing climate change or that of unreasonable reduction of fossil fuels coupled with burdensome governmental regulations. But never mind that....nothing to see here. The sky is falling after all. 

Read the CNN article here.

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