Trump Supports Biblical Literacy Legislation From Numerous States

Trump Supports Biblical Literacy Classes In Public Schools

On Monday, January 28th, Donald Trump was up early blasting out messages on Twitter, otherwise known as one of his favorite hobbies.  At 7:21 AM he sent out a message of support for the various states who have put forth legislation to teach Bible literacy classes in public schools... 

Trump Biblical Literacy Tweet

Reproductive Health Act Passed Into Law in NY

As NY Attacks Unborn Harvard Law Makes Case for Constitutional Protection

As widely reported recently in the media, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo recently signed a horrible little piece of legislation called the Reproductive Health Act (RHA). The law allows for abortion up to 24 weeks in certain circumstances and is one of the most liberal abortion laws in the country. Cuomo, who is a practicing Catholic, has been condemned by the church and various religious organizations. National Review had a great article summarizing the law and the backlash against Cuomo which is definitely worth a read:

Jordan Peterson on the meaning of life for men (hint: it's responsibility)

Jordan Peterson Explains The Meaning of Life For Men

Modern society often talks of "human rights" as the yardstick by which to measure the success of life and potential for happiness. But with rights come responsibility. What if the meaning of life is responsibility? Jordan Peterson presents an argument to ponder. Call it the fall, call it purpose....but what if work is more important than pay? What if the point is to toil? Idle hands and all that...


Students Shocked By Deal Trump Offered Dems

Campus Reform Shocks Students With Truth On Shutdown

It's no secret that universities today lean left. Not only do they lean left, one could argue they are training up generations of leftists and are as much focused on propaganda as they are on education. For that reason, it's always fun to watch Campus Reform catch college students off-guard with information that they likely don't hear in the mainstream media and certainly don't hear from their radical leftists professors.

Shapiro Eviscerates the Media for Nasty Attack on MAGA Boys

Media Malpractice: Ben Shapiro Reacts to Media Attack on MAGA Boys

It's common knowledge among those on the right side of the political spectrum, that the media is not their friend. In fact, in this day and age, the media is very much our adversary. The bias and level of distasteful rhetoric was ratcheted up signifigantly though when the media attacked private citizens, not political figures, and children at that! For the media to malign these kids is quite shameful.

Watch Ben Shapiro react to the media coverage below:

Pope Says God Made Gay People

Freedom of Religion - The Fundamental Question of the Age

As we move further into a post-Christian society, the morality that was once taken for granted has been challenged and is beginning to shift. By and large, atheists' morality, whether knowingly or not, seems in-line with Judeo-Christian tradition. Atheists generally agree that theft is wrong, murder is bad and that people should respect their parents. All of Western society was built on such shared truths, or values, which the Declaration of Independence described as "self-evident". This self-evidence came from the shared belief in God among society at the time.

Fox News Accused of Extreme Bias By Extremely Biased WaPo. World Shrugs.

Washington Post Ironically Accuses Fox News Of Bias

The Washington Post went through an exercise in futility a few months back by putting together a long article accusing Fox News of bias. They did this without even a hint of irony or satire. Hypocrisy seems a fitting description. WaPo has an opposite and equal leftward bias that works to counteract the rightward bias of Fox, so the entire story is a point largely without meaning.