Fox News Accused of Extreme Bias By Extremely Biased WaPo. World Shrugs.

The Washington Post went through an exercise in futility a few months back by putting together a long article accusing Fox News of bias. They did this without even a hint of irony or satire. Hypocrisy seems a fitting description. WaPo has an opposite and equal leftward bias that works to counteract the rightward bias of Fox, so the entire story is a point largely without meaning. 

I like to point out liberal media bias as well but my point in doing so isn't to accuse the liberal media of something of which the conservative media is not also guilty. The point is to open people's eyes to the left-leaning bias that exists on networks that they may consider "fair". Almost everyone knows that Fox leans right so it's important that they know the many others that lean left. To many well-meaning citizens, Fox is an extreme-right network while the others (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC) are mostly neutral or maybe slightly left-leaning. In reality most of these aforementioned other major networks are flip-sides to the same biased coin on which Fox occupies the opposite face. I like to picture conservative media as the heads and liberal media as the tail...but maybe that's unfair. :)

You can read the Washington Post article below:

Washington Post is the Proverbial Pot Calling the Kettle Black

And here are some particularly egregious examples of liberal bias on the part of the Washington Post:

Washington Post Caught Red-Handed Peddling Fake News

WaPo Newsroom Erupts in Celebration After Releasing Hit-Piece on Trump

Why Washington Post Lost All Credibility

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