Obama Roasts Trump at White House Correspondents Dinner

Liberals loved to love Barack Obama and are less than satisfied, shall we say, with Donald Trump, both as a person and a president. Their love of hating Trump, in fact, may just exceed their love of Obama...though it's a toss up. Coincidentally, the same characteristics that were adored about Obama are those which liberals complain the loudest about concerning Trump. Chief among these are class, kindness and wisdom. Liberals believe Obama possessed these in abundance and that Trump is almost sub-human in his lack of all three, but particularly class.

Despite the rose-colored memories of many on the left, Obama wasn't always classy. He wasn't above being petty and tactless and one particular example of such behavior was the time he mercilessly mocked Donald Trump during a White House correspondents dinner. In a very real way, Barack Obama is to blame for Trump becoming president. The insults that he dished out that evening stuck deep in Trump's psyche and stoked the embers of political ambition. I personally believe that was the night Trump decided to get serious about running for president and it was as much about revenge as it was about any true political conviction.  Trump simply couldn't let it go and he began plotting his revenge on Obama after that day.

So my liberal friends, the next time you complain about the "deplorables" that swept Trump into power, stop and remember that your beloved Obama started the ball rolling. If you want someone to blame....blame him.

Inside Edition pointed this out a couple years ago. You can check out the clip here.


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