Kwanzaa celebratory paraphernalia

As a staunch believer in freedom of religion, I try to be open-minded to the beleifs of others and never want to mock someone for such beliefs, unless of course it's in a forum where such behavior is expected. I mean, I honestly believe that God formed the first two people from dust and created the dust from nothing (ex nihilo), and that's not even bringing up talking serpents, giant offspring of angelic unions with humans or a year long flood that covered the entire globe killing absolutely everything except eight plucky souls.  Given all of this, some degree of intellectual acceptance is in order.  For that reason I support your traditions whatever you choose to celebrate this time of year be it Hannakuh, Christmas, Yule, Winter Solstice, the quadrillionth anniversary of Xenu's rise to power and yes, even Kwanzaa.

That being said, Kwanzaa seems a bit more exclusionary in it's origin than some of the other more ancient traditions, which seems odd since we're told we are evolving both genetically and, perhaps more important, culturally as well. Shouldn't then philosophies and religions that arise in modern times be more "evolved" in their acceptance and compassion? Call it ecumenicism. But such ecumenicism is sorely lacking in the recently made-up, or should I say inspired/discovered, "Kwanzaa".  As an example, Christmas is about the birth of Christ and teaches inclusion and love. Hannakuh celebrates a military victory and the restoration of the temple (let me know if we're throwing too much info at you). Even winter solstice, pagan in origins though it may be, celebrates the cycle of life and seasons of the earth, which seems generally positive. By contrast, the main purpose of Kwanzaa seems to be exclusionary. That is to say, some black people viewed Christmas as something created by white people, for white people and founded their own celebration only for people of African origin. Let's be honest, even Constanza's Festivus seems more positive than a celebration created specifically for the purpose of exclusion. But regardless...let's breathe in the spirit of the season and accept the celebrants of exclusionary Kwanzaa with open arms.

Read Harry Khachatrian's article at Daily Wire about the origin of this long-held 30 years long?

Time For Last Minute Kwanzaa Shopping


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