Students Shocked By Deal Trump Offered Dems

It's no secret that universities today lean left. Not only do they lean left, one could argue they are training up generations of leftists and are as much focused on propaganda as they are on education. For that reason, it's always fun to watch Campus Reform catch college students off-guard with information that they likely don't hear in the mainstream media and certainly don't hear from their radical leftists professors.

Case in point, the below video highlights the feelings among students that Trump is most to blame for the recent government shutdown, which was the longest in US history. Once the students have sufficiently crawled out on their limb of uninformed bias, it is quickly sawed out from under them with a saw blade of it were. The kids were surprised to learn that Trump had already offered the Dems compromise deals that included many of the things Pelosi and Schumer want. I'm sure they'll find another reason to still blame Trump, but their moment of conservative "wokeness" is entertaining to watch. 

See for yourself...


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