NORAD Santa Tracker 2018


As we all know, or should if we bother doing any research, the impact of government "shutdowns" is greatly over-hyped for political reasons. Both parties try to say that the govt must shut down because of the uncompromising blue meanies on the other side of the aisle. In reality, all of the core functions of the federal government continue during these shut downs and it's only non-essential functions that fall to the wayside. Picture government studies of shrimp running on underwater treadmills. Unfortunately we may have to wonder on those results unfulfilled for now.

This time around, yes this happens all the time in case the panic of the media lead you to believe otherwise, the impact is even less because over 70% of the budget had already been approved. So that means the government will shut down about 30% of it's non-essential functions....also known as a typical Monday wherein only 70% of government employees actually show up and perform any sort of meaningful work. And as yet another reminder that God values America over all other countries, He saw fit, through His divine providence, to ensure that the NORAD Santa tracker was one of the non-essential functions still being performed. Enjoy!

Track The Fat Man Yourself!

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