Fox News Accused of Extreme Bias By Extremely Biased WaPo. World Shrugs.

Washington Post Ironically Accuses Fox News Of Bias

The Washington Post went through an exercise in futility a few months back by putting together a long article accusing Fox News of bias. They did this without even a hint of irony or satire. Hypocrisy seems a fitting description. WaPo has an opposite and equal leftward bias that works to counteract the rightward bias of Fox, so the entire story is a point largely without meaning. 

Border Wall GoFundMe Account

Americans Fork Over $12 Million for Wall While Govt Bickers

Private citizens have donated $12 million in just 4 days to the GoFundMe account setup for border wall funding. Maybe the people will bypass our ineffectual government altogether and handle funding it in the private sector. Five billion is a large number and may not be met, but the willingness of people to put their money where their beliefs are speaks volumes to the sincerity of the border security effort and lays bare the lies of the media in their portrayal of the wall as something universally unwanted.