Trump being Trump

This would be funny were it not a tad sad. By now anyone not living in the hollow moon knows Trump is sketchy and the bone spurs that kept him from Vietnam were almost certainly B.S.....with a capital S. But two women from New York hate Trump so much they seemingly didn't notice that they are impugning their father's integrity and character, on a public and national stage no less, just so they can try to smear the President. 

Way to make your old man proud! Of course CNN was only too happy to bring shame to this family if it meant even one more stupidly meaningless hit-piece of an article aimed at Trump. You'd think there would at least be one intern at CNN with common sense and the basic human decency to warn these women about the potential negative side to revealing their story.

"Um...excuse me...ladies? You do realize you are telling the world that your dad sold his career integrity, and helped someone dodge the draft, just to get his AC unit fixed a few days quicker...right? I mean, I doubt this will have any impact on the President, but now the whole world will think your podiatrist dad was sort of shady".

The hatred of Trump really is bordering on a mental condition for many people I'm afraid. 

CNN story here.

Daughters Call Into Question Podiatrist Father's Character By Attacking Trump

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