Jordan Peterson on the meaning of life for men (hint: it's responsibility)

Jordan Peterson Explains The Meaning of Life For Men

Modern society often talks of "human rights" as the yardstick by which to measure the success of life and potential for happiness. But with rights come responsibility. What if the meaning of life is responsibility? Jordan Peterson presents an argument to ponder. Call it the fall, call it purpose....but what if work is more important than pay? What if the point is to toil? Idle hands and all that...


Lobster man turns down his wit down to level nine as to not leave the interview smoldering in her chair

Jordan Peterson Destroys Idea Of Patriarchy

A quick note to any feminists, or a member of any myriad of other self-important, yet ultimately ineffectual and hypocritical, leftist thought groups. Jordan Peterson is whip smart and more than glad to demonstrate such when challenged by a condescending leftist. Take a minute to read Alex Parker's take on Peterson's disaster of an interview with GQ over at Red State. And when I say disaster I mean, of course, for GQ. Peterson handled himself well and came out looking fine.