The Virtue of Nationalism - Yoram Hazony

We often hear the term nationalist used as a pejorative and nationalism itself is normally painted as a negative, or outright dangerous, philosophy by the mainstream media. But why? Is the hype to be believed? Frankly... it's Grade A B.S.... plain and simple. Nationalism is a wise way to segment power globally as it encourages competition between competing governmental systems and provides comparative results on which are the most effective. In addition, the individual is always served best when governmental power is concentrated as locally to them as possible. And the last time I checked, we are all individuals. 

This is why I favor state's rights wherever possible and a more limited role for federal government within our own country. The same principle applies globally. Our nation's past sins, such as slavery, helped lead to the erosion of state's rights in favor of an ever-increasing federal government in both size and power. It's not too late to help other countries learn from our mistakes and to convince the world of the virtue of nationalism.

Watch this great Prager U video to learn the virtues and wisdom of nationalism as explained by Yoram Hazony. It's sure to annoy your liberal globalist friends, so be sure to share on social media!


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